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Covid-19: what has changed

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Covid-19: what has changed

What makes sense today, may not be the same tomorrow. In order not to get lost in this whirlwind of events, we’d rather wait for things calming down a bit. In the meantime we are using plenty of flexibility, which has turned out to be our best characteristics in these last years.

What has changed


1 Our website
Even though little, our website has changed. We have decided to leave our travel scheduling unchanged and we are going to cancel only forthcoming departures, following the official announcements.


2 Our reaction time
In some cases it can be more than 24 hours. We are working from home and we miss the usual teamwork with our colleagues in the office. Our aim is giving everybody a customized reply, reflecting the official statements.


3 Cancellations and re-bookings
If you would like to re-schedule your tour in 2021, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will consider your deposit as credit for your future trip, if possible with no fees nor extra charges, and always respecting the official statements. Thank you for your understanding. While we sail together in these rough waters, we also hope to reach a safe harbour soon.


4 Booking a new tour
If you would like to book a tour but you have many doubts, please consider that we will shortly publish on our website a list of tours which can be reserved in 2020, with the possibility to cancel without any fees, if necessary.

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