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Let’s start back together: read our new conditions to travel in Italy and Europe and choose among many well-organized routes, always respecting the local health and safety prescriptions. Discover all tours 2021 and book without worries!

This policy is valid for all new bookings and for clients who would like to redeem their travel voucher received in 2020.


1) A deposit of € 100 per person is required; alternatively, you can decide to use your voucher as a deposit; the rest amount has to be paid 30 days prior to departure.


2) You can postpone or cancel your tour for free and for any reason, up to 30 days prior to departure. We will reimburse your down payment; if you used your voucher as a deposit, we will return the voucher to you. 

This special cancellation policy is not applicable to bike and barge tours, nor to any extra services (for instance: ferry tickets, special private transfers or special extra nights). Such extra services have to be paid at the moment of booking. In all these cases our standard cancellation policy applies, according to Girolibero terms and conditions.


3) Due to Covid-19 emergency you can cancel your tour for free until the departure date in all below cases. We will reimburse your down payment or we will give your travel voucher back to you.


a) The guest's country/region/town of origin has put a ban on going outside of its borders due to Covid pandemics;

b) The guest’s country of destination has put a ban on entry;

c) Quarantine is compulsory upon arriving in the country of destination;

d) Quarantine is compulsory in the guest's country/region/town of origin when returning home;

e) In case of lockdown in the guest's country of origin or destination.


All the above mentioned points are considered "force majeure" and therefore a cancellation due to one of these reasons is not subject to any cancellation fees.

On the other hand, if the traveller is obliged to undergo a Covid test (or similar) upon arrival in the country of destination, or if the traveller is required to take such test when returning home, this is not considered a force majeure condition and therefore a cancellation due to this reason is subject to our standard cancellation fees, according to Girolibero terms and conditions.


4) If you need to cancel your tour in the 29 days prior to departure, for any reason other than those listed under point 3), we will apply our standard cancellation fees, according to Girolibero terms and conditions.


Travel vouchers are valid until end of year 2022

Here you can find all characteristics of Girolibero’s travel vouchers issued in 2020.

Compared to the Italian law’s prescriptions on travel vouchers (art. 88bis law no. 27 of 24th April 2020) we have added some advantages:


• your travel voucher expires on December 31st, 2022 (according to the Italian law, vouchers’ validity would be only 12 months)

• your voucher can be handed over to third parties (family or friends, for example); just write us an email and specify the beneficiary, so we can transfer the voucher to him/her

• we will reimburse you after the voucher’s expiry date (if you won’t have travelled with us by then)


New working hours

Our new working hours are: Monday to Thursday 9 – 12 and 14.30 – 17.30.

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